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Bushikai Martial Arts

When speaking of the Martial Arts one may imagine sporting contests of skill and strength where trophies and titles are won. This is a modern view. There is an older way........ known as Bujutsu. The student of Bujutsu does not strive for the recognition of medals and trophies, rather the student strives for a better understanding of life and himself or herself.

The traditions of Japan's ancient warriors have much to teach us in our modern world. Men, women, and children alike will benefit from the lessons of discipline, respect, compassion, and self-protection taught at the Bushikai Bugei Dojo. Students at Bushikai aim to integrate Mind, Body, and Spirit; not only to defend themselves, but in order to achieve success on the "battlefields" of modern daily life.

The Bushikai Bugei Hombu Dojo has been providing instruction in Bujutsu / Classical Japanese Martial Arts in the Frederick, Maryland area since 1989. We hope you will enjoy our website and plan to visit us if you are in the area.

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